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Another reason not to buy poorly made reproduction jewelry

I saw this lanzadera or navette-shaped ring and thought it was lovely.  It was clearly not an antique- although it was masquerading as one and since it was cheap, I thought I’d buy it for myself.  Big mistake. A day after wearing it, a cubic zirconia stone fell out.  I had it fixed and kept on wearing it for a couple of weeks.  Yesterday, the replacement stone fell out again.  Oh boy, I got what I paid for.  ;p Just for comparison, check out the workmanship on the vintage silver lansadera ring on the right. Advertisements

Lansadera Rings

I was so fascinated when I first saw this ring.  I thought it was of Indian origin until my mom pointed out that it’s a “lansadera” ring.  Apparently it’s a local vintage design that was very popular in the 1930s to the 1950s. “Lanzadera” is a Spanish word for shuttle, a boat-shaped piece of wood used as a device in the loom. They normally have “diamante” or rough cut diamonds in them which were considered lucky in those days.  The pointed ends make for good self-defense too. ;P Here are some more designs: These rings and even the earrings version normally come encrusted with diamante but I was able to acquire one that has pearls instead.  Looks a little different from the ones I usually come across with. These rings look like armor or knuckle rings that are very fashion-forward now.