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Tamborin Jewelry- A Little Bit of History

Did you know that jewelry was used to spread Christianity in the Philippines? During the Spanish colonization of the Philippines which began in 1521, jewelry such as crucifixes were used as tools to replace amulets and talismans worn then by the native Filipinos. To the converted Filipinos, wearing these jewelry was not only a declaration of their Christian faith but also a way to adorn themselves while still following the austerity restriction dictated by the Spanish regime. The goldsmiths saw an opportunity to hawk their wares by producing only religious jewels.  While gold was in abundance, gemstones were not, so they used various techniques to achieve different looks for their jewelry such as the filigree technique, “kalado” or lace-like effect and changing the color of gold.  Gemstones were scarce and only the upper class had access to them. Around the mid-eighteenth century, a lot of Filipinos began wearing crucifixes and scapulars along with the tamborin necklace.  The “tamborin” or sometimes spelled as “tamburin” is a very traditional Filipino jewelry. The tamborin necklace was patterned after …

Welcome to Tambourine Jewelry!

Hello!   I’ve always had an aversion to old things.  I like new things, they are uncomplicated, unused and something I understood.  Those primitive “bulol” figures, old huge Chinese jars and “baul” or wooden chest creep me out. Superstitions and local horror movies inspired by these things don’t help either.  Then I saw the “tamborin” necklace. Well, they don’t look creepy, in fact, they look very nice. So that began my love for antique and vintage jewelry.  They have so much history.  Oh, if these pieces can only talk. This blog is all about vintage and antique jewelry.  I’m no expert but I am having fun learning along the way.