Year: 2014

A Feature on Manila Bulletin Newspaper and The Happy Lab Blog!

Last Saturday night, I got a text message from a friend telling me that I was featured in Manila Bulletin newspaper’s Friday lifestyle section.  Note to self, buy newspaper.  It was an ALMOST full page article! Then this morning, another feature on The Happy Blog!  Happy news on a rainy day! Sharing the links below: and Advertisements

Vintage Reliquary or Relikaryo Pendant

You probably have seen them around.  Those unusual looking vintage pendants that have something inside them- some are flat while some are bulky with glass-encased designs in the middle.  They are called reliquaries or locally known as “relikaryo”.  In simplest terms, these are containers for holy relics made popular during the medieval times. Reliquaries were made to hold sacred items such as the bones or hair of a saint or a religious figure.  Yep, you read that right.  It may also contain a piece of material that the saint used or touched such as a piece of clothing.  Older versions of reliquaries kept the relic hidden but later on, glass was added on the pendants to show what was inside. Similarly, the “relikaryo” pendants that usually accompanied the old traditional Filipino tamborin necklaces were originally hidden inside the garment.  Later on, these necklaces were worn in full display. These relikaryo pendants are ornate and meticulously handcrafted.  The quality of the antique ones are especially breathtaking.  They are usually oval-shaped.  Older versions of the relikaryo contained …

What is the value of an antique jewelry?

One of the challenges in selling antique jewelry is making the prospective buyer understand why a certain piece could fetch a high price. Bear in mind that it’s not like fine modern jewelry where majority of the price is factored in the gold or silver content along with the weight of the item.  While gold is definitely more expensive than silver and brass, craftmanship plays a big role.  Some things just can’t be duplicated anymore.  If you hear someone say “antiquity”, it’s not just because it’s old but they are mostly referring to the fine craftmanship that is so hard to find nowadays. One time, I asked a jewelry shop if they can make vintage-inspired gold-plated silver pendants for me.  I was surprised at the prices they quoted.  When I asked if it would make a big difference in the cost if I change the material to gold-plated brass, they said it wouldn’t bring down the price much.  Bulk of the cost is labor.  Not only does it take a longer time to make but …