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The Creepiness Factor

Antique tamborin in original gilt silver finish.

Antique tamborin in original gilt silver finish.

Hello!  Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile.  With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it would be apt to talk about the perceived creepiness surrounding antique jewelry.

Whenever someone finds out that I sell antique jewelry, the inevitable question pops up, “Aren’t you scared? You don’t know who wore it before.” I guess that’s the reason why I initially targeted foreign buyers.  Foreigners generally embrace the rich history behind each piece.  Some of them don’t even want it cleaned and like it as is.

A lot of us, Filipinos on the other hand are a little wary of wearing something really old especially if we don’t know who wore it.  I guess some of us are still very superstitious.  I suspect that it one of the reasons why some local buyers like to have the antique jewelry pieces cleaned to look like new.   Or maybe that is just how they remember their grandmother’s jewelry to look like.

It’s so funny I had my first bazaar early this month and the most common question I got was, “Is the original owner already dead?”   Well, it is an antique- at least a hundred years old so yeah, most likely.  ;P

One lady kept coming back to this vintage ring.  She liked it but shuddered at the thought that the original owner might be dead.  While I did not really know the original owner, it was just a vintage ring (mid-century I believe) so most likely, the owner is still alive.  Then she came back and decided to get the ring after getting the final nod from her friends.

Vintage opalite brooch

Vintage opalite brooch

Or maybe, this whole superstition could be an Asian thing?  Another buyer, probably Japanese or Korean liked these vintage brooches that belonged to my mother-in-law which she purchased way back in the 1950s.  The buyer kept asking with wide eyes if the owner is still alive.  I had to reassure her that yes, I know the original owner and she is very much alive!

One of the comments I get when people see my stuff is, “Oh I like your stuff.  They don’t look creepy.”  I like to think that’s a complement.  Admittedly, I get spooked easily.  I don’t like horror movies, you won’t see my kids wearing scary costumes for Halloween and no antique baul (antique chests) and bulol (primitive antique sculptures) in our house either.  But antique jewelry?  No, they are too beautiful to be scared of.    So there you go, happy Halloween!  Boo!Image



  1. Can I pls get your email address. I’d like to purchase some of your items but would rather do a bank to bank transaction. Thanks.

  2. Teresita Hayden says

    I have inherited the same pendant ? , very similar to the picture you posted on top. Any idea how old it is and what is it really ? THANK YOU !

    • Hi Teresita!

      That small round reliquary or “relikaryo” is probably from the late 1800s to early 1900s.

      Hold on to it- I don’t see a lot of that kind nowadays. 😊

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