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Finally, my very own antique star pendant!

An avid antique collector recently commented that since I sell vintage jewelry, I must have a to-die-for old jewelry collection.  I laughed at the comment.  The truth is, I don’t have any old jewelry- not unless you count my Php400 ($10) brass tamborin necklace which I bought more than 10 years ago in Balikbayan Handicrafts (a tourist/Filipiniana store).  While I love vintage jewelry, business comes first.  A business-savvy mentor advised me not to get attached to my stocks.

But it’s hard not to get attached.  I acquire items that I like so in case it doesn’t sell, then I wouldn’t mind keeping them personally.  In fact, I do have a favorite item in my online shop- an antique gold star with diamante (small rough cut diamonds). It’s so beautifully made.  Looks dainty yet sturdy and has a bit of weight to it.  I told myself that if it doesn’t get sold within a certain period then it’s meant for me.

Antique 9K Gold Star Pendant with Diamante (rough cut small diamonds).

Antique 9K Gold Star Pendant with Diamante (rough cut small diamonds).

“Estrella” or Star pendant. Diamante were considered lucky in those days. Let’s see if this brings me luck!

That waiting period has long passed.  I get nervous whenever someone “favorites” that item- thinking it might get sold anytime and the pain of letting it go is unthinkable.  But I never pulled it out because I get excited too at the prospect of selling it.  Yes, I like living on the edge.  ;P

Up until now.  I figured I should treat myself too (I know, I am justifying it).  So here it is, where it rightfully belongs- around my neck.  🙂

MJ with star pendant

Now on to my next quest, my own lanzadera ring.



  1. Fiona says

    It’s beautiful, Mireille! Can I buy it? Kidding! 😀 I’m sure it would look perfect around your neck 🙂

  2. Lyn a.. says

    Charmingly beautiful piece!

    I have been trying to connect with you Mireille, tried calling. I have been searching for these old treasure jewelry from our beloved Philippines. I hope one day I’ll be given a chance to own a vintage genuine tambourine!

    Thank you

      • Eillen S. Albino says

        I’m glad you responded!!!!!
        I do have a viber account , too. Maybe thru that connection we could communicate. My phone number : (253) 219-6890 Tacoma, wa
        Hopefully, this will be the start of fulfilling a long , awaiting gift of Filipino treasure.
        Thanks for the reply!

        Lyn a.

        My email is not working right now, viber really is the only way.

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